Data Hub now supports Microsoft Power BI with new connector

Posted: 24 AUG, 2021


Many industries use Microsoft® Power BI® to collaborate and share information for enterprise reporting, visual analytics and operations monitoring. Now, users of AVEVA™ Data Hub, the cloud-native data management platform from the makers of PI System™, can automatically flow their contextualized operations data directly into Power BI-based analyses and reports.

We designed Data Hub Power BI Connector for the growing number of industrial companies which manage operations through a hybrid approach, bringing together cloud, edge and on-premises technologies. Data Hub gives you a more complete view of your operations by aggregating data captured at the edge and data captured across multiple on-premises locations to create a centralized, cloud-based data platform.

How Data Hub can foster operational agility

Data Hub helps you securely share operations data with diverse user groups, from executives to operations staff. This cloud-supported exchange of real-time data enables users to collaborate more deeply, paving the way for more sophisticated data science applications and more connected workers. Whether delivering real-time insights into manufacturing operations to support OEE initiatives, or aggregating industrial data in the cloud for cross-plant visibility, Data Hub gives you the operational agility you need to react promptly and intelligently.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform built on Microsoft Azure®, Data Hub is easy to use: there’s nothing to build or maintain. Additionally, Data Hub complements existing or future IT/OT-based enterprise architectures.

Overview and general use cases

Data Hub Power BI Connector ensures that shared and contextualized AVEVA PI System or Edge Data Store data is secure and ready for analysis in Microsoft Power BI. Data Hub Power BI Connector enables robust operations reporting and data visualization for Data Hub users.

Capabilities include:

  • Import Data Hub data views into Microsoft Power BI
  • Interpolated and stored data retrieval options
  • Supported on Microsoft Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service (through an on-premises data gateway)
  • Configure dynamic time ranges for data views

You won’t need developer skills to configure Data Hub Power BI Connector, or coding knowledge to import Data Hub operations data. Once you’ve imported the data, your team can leverage Microsoft Power BI knowledge to analyze the data. Data Hub Power BI Connector brings value to people across your organization—from operators and engineers to data scientists and managers.

Contextualized operations data that has been shaped using Data Hub data views is available in Microsoft Power BI

You can use Data Hub Power BI Connector to help with data science analysis, remote monitoring and data sharing with trusted third parties.

Data from Data Hub displayed in Microsoft Power BI based on organizational needs

Data Hub data views

Data Hub Power BI Connector imports user-defined data through Data Hub data views, giving you the flexibility to easily create reports based on how you want to display and analyze your operations data. Data Hub data views represent subsets of data from one or more Data Hub sources, such as streams and assets, which can serve as a bridge between raw Data Hub data and data-driven applications like Microsoft Power BI.

Data views in Data Hub enable users to easily shape their data as they wish for use in Microsoft Power BI

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