Making the First Moves towards our net-zero future

AVEVA joins global First Movers’ Coalition committing to use 5%+ sustainable aviation fuels by 2030

Posted: May 30, 2022

Accelerating the transition to a low carbon future is essential to keep our planet on a 1.5-degree pathway and slow global warming. This week, leaders from fifty of the world’s most progressive companies pledged to join the First Movers’ Coalition, a rigorous commitment to purchase a proportion of industrial materials and long-distance transportation from suppliers using near-zero or carbon-zero solutions. I’m proud that AVEVA was among them. The commitments we made are designed to “jump start” the carbon market, and the initiative is being championed by the UK and US Government’s Carbon Envoys, Alok Sharma and John Kerry.

At AVEVA, we pledged to support to the First Movers’ aviation commitment: by 2030, we will replace at least 5% of our conventional jet fuel demand with sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) that reduce life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions by 85% or more when compared with conventional jet fuel or zero-carbon emitting propulsion technologies. In fact, we hope to meet this objective as part of our 2025 carbon reduction targets, which include a goal of cutting business travel emissions by 20% by 2025, we are also working toward a 50% reduction in total travel emissions by 2030 (all these targets are set against our FY20 baseline).

In parallel to our own commitments around our environmental footprint, we recognize that our handprint – the way that our technology enables our customers to drive decarbonization and accelerate net zero, and support sustainable development – is our biggest area of impact. With this in mind we are establishing a center of excellence for sustainability software which will drive new frontiers of sustainability innovation for our customers worldwide and support our commitment to driving industrial ingenuity and ensuring responsible use of the world’s resources.

Joining the FMI supports our commitment to drive the highest levels of environmental stewardship as set out under the Paris Climate Goals. Our environmental pledges hold AVEVA accountable to leading our sector and industry on decarbonization. It was inspiring and invigorating to meet with like-minded leaders at the World Economic Forum, and to share insights on how global sustainability leadership is starting to move the needle on climate. This is why we were particularly proud that our customers National Grid, Fortescue Future Industries, Ørsted, Vattenfall, Aker, our strategic partner Schneider Electric and our partners Microsoft, AWS, EY and Accenture are all co-signatories of the pact. It’s going to take all of our commitments to drive the change that the planet needs. The will is there, but when it comes to action, there’s more to do. Let’s get to it.

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