CONNECT allows data owners to create and manage data-sharing ecosystems​

Posted: May 14, 2024

Industrial companies are increasingly using real-time operations data to reach their most important business goals: driving operating efficiency, increasing sustainability, and achieving digital transformation. Until now, the biggest challenge has been arranging a fast, secure, and easy way for multiple stakeholders to access and visualize a shared set of relevant data—especially when those stakeholders are outside the organization.

The community feature in CONNECT data services intends to change that. Data owners can now create and manage a secure, multi-tenant data repository, which allows authorized participants to access data streams and share their own data with the group. Companies can easily connect their trusted business partners in a common data environment and have granular control over what data they share with each business partner, no matter where the operations data is stored.

Shared data can be visualized directly within CONNECT via trends in data services, or using self-service and pre-defined dashboards in CONNECT visualization. Data can also be transferred into Power BI using the native AVEVA Data Hub Power BI connector, or shared via REST APIs with custom applications, AI/machine learning platforms, or third-party analytics tools like Grafana. 

CONNECT data services is the data management layer within CONNECT that facilitates bidirectional data-sharing within a trusted ecosystem of business partners, service providers, analytics providers, and even customers to support deeper understanding and real-time collaboration. Spreadsheets and other slow, manually intensive forms of data-sharing can now be replaced with a secure solution, purpose-built to handle the complexity of operations data.

The feature allows suppliers to read stock levels in real time and plan for the next shipment with automated fulfillment. Equipment manufacturers can track, in real time, how their products are performing and identify a possible failure before it happens, reducing hours or even days of equipment downtime with predictive maintenance. Analytics companies can access the aggregated data they need to run their models and deliver faster results, accelerating time-to-value.

The community feature is already deployed and adding value for industrial operators and service providers in renewable energy, discrete manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas. With a truly connected ecosystem of business partners, CONNECT customers are driving more efficient operations, reducing equipment downtime, maximizing profitability, and exploring new business models.

Purpose-built for industrial data

CONNECT is specifically designed to support industrial companies by managing the high volume, velocity, and variability of events data or critical operations data with a database built for streams of data that follow a sequence (such as time-series data or any other sequential index like drilling depth).

Full visibility and control

Within the community feature in CONNECT data services, data owners have full management, visibility, and granular control around what data is shared with each business partner, mitigating serious security and compliance risks associated with sharing data outside the organization.

Shape data for easy consumption

Users can interactively shape shared data streams and related information into data views for easy understanding and make data streams available to non-expert data users, machine learning algorithms, and business intelligence tools. Industrial companies can extract maximum value from their operations data without all of the data wrangling.

Fast time-to-value

Provided as SaaS, CONNECT platform services require no development or integration, so companies can quickly begin analyzing and processing data for deeper insight in hours, not days or weeks. There’s nothing to install and nothing to maintain.

Make more of your data with CONNECT

CONNECT is an open and neutral industrial intelligence platform that accelerates time-to-value with flexible, scalable, and trusted industrial hybrid SaaS. It provides a central location to securely access the broadest and deepest industrial SaaS portfolio, including data services, visualization, and modeling and analytics. CONNECT’s integrated solutions enable agile plant creation, safe operations, and production security by leveraging IoT, cloud, AI, and machine learning. 

Are you ready to create real-time data-sharing communities? Learn how to get started with CONNECT.


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