Leading the Way in 3D Design for 45 Years

Posted: July 22, 2020

In 1976, Plant Design Management System (PDMS) was launched as the world’s first 3D solution for process plant design. The company responsible for PDMS’ development, CADCentre, began life as a UK government initiative with a mission to develop computer-aided design techniques. The company would later grow into the AVEVA we now know today. From its innovative, intrepid beginnings AVEVA™ PDMS would become, and remains today, a design standard for thousands of engineering companies around the world.



For 45 years, AVEVA has been pioneering and constantly driving innovation within the 3D design software industry, creating value not only for PDMS users but for the end-users of the components designed with our software. AVEVA™ E3D Design is the latest iteration of AVEVA PDMS – our most advanced 3D software ever. Explore the timeline below that gives a glimpse into our journey of how we got here and how we are unceasingly looking forward to the future. 

AVEVA Unified Engineering

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